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My practice is in Egham, Surrey. The details - opening times and so on - are listed below. On-street parking is available.

As far as I am aware, what makes my practices unique locally at least, if not further afield, is that I share these practices with my wife, Beena Bhanu, a highly experienced Psychotherapist. On occasion, a patient may come to me for assessment and I realise their presenting condition means that they are not a suitable candidate for Hypnotherapy. At such times, I may refer them to my wife. And likewise, my wife may refer a patient to me when she feels they would benefit from a hypnotherapeutic intervention. One that will allow them past unhelpful behaviour such as smoking or poor eating. That patient can then return to my wife's care, having "cleared the decks" to some extent. And as we are both clinical professionals, the referrals are handled confidentially and ethically.

Egham Practice Information


93 Bishops Way


Surrey TW20 8EL

Available Appointments:

Mon - Fri: 10am - 8pm

Sat & Sun: Closed

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In a previous life, I was a IT Project Manager. After some 14 years, I realised that career path was rapidly becoming a chore rather than an enjoyable challenge. It was the "right time" for me to find something else to fill my days. My wife is a successful Psychotherapist and through my time supporting her own initial training and Master's degree, I had become more interested and intrigued by the human condition and the workings of the human mind. Something else that seems to have rubbed off on me from my wife was the desire to help others; I must admit to having been rather self-focused in my younger years! And since I first encountered hypnotherapy some years previously to successfully help me stop smoking, this seemed like a related but different field to study.

So in 2012 I studied on the CPPD access course at the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy (LCCH) which I not only enjoyed but also passed. Spurred on not only by my initial success but the excellent lecturers and staff there, I returned later that year to take their Post Graduate Certificate course. Naturally this proved to be more of a challenge, but one I also successfully navigated and graduated in the autumn of 2013. From there I worked part-time while still in a full-time IT role. When that position concluded in April 2014, I felt I had enough confidence to take my hypnotherapy practice full-time. Full-time is a very different proposition to part-time, especially when it is your primary source of income. But I recognise that this is the right challenge for me. Fortunately, not only am I enjoying the work and the reward of helping my patients to become better, but I still get to play Project Manager on my own terms, with regard to building up my own business. Which makes it a win-win in my book!