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Thank you for visiting my website. You may have come here to check me out following a personal recommendation, a promotional flyer or even social media. Alternatively you may have found me through a search engine result or one of the directories I am registered with. Whichever way you have found yourself here, I hope that when you leave, it will be at the very least with an improved understanding about what Hypnotherapy can do for you, and a sense that you may be closer to the answers you seek.

Transforming Your Motivation Into Positive Change

One of the key messages I try to communicate in both my website and my therapy room is that the power to change is already within you. Hypnotherapy cannot make you do what you do not want to do. My role as your Hypnotherapist is to be a positive enabler for your own motivation. The flip-side of that is Hypnotherapy is unlikely to work if you are not personally motivated. You are able to change because you want to, not because your partner, family or friends want you to.

But sometimes motivation is not enough. You may be stuck in un-helpful behaviours or neagtive thought patterns that distract and sabotage your good intentions. And that is where Hypnotherapy comes in. It is proven to offer effective,safe and long-lasting resolution to a wide range of issues. Through a variety of techniques such as positive suggestion, I can support your determination to make a change. But it's not magic and it's not always easy. So please read some more on my website to discover what Hypnotherapy can offer YOU.

Steve Ringham Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Surrey and West London

Do you suffer from

  • Unhelpful Behaviours
  • Overbearing Worries
  • Troublesome Thoughts
  • Stress-related Conditions?

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